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― ララトーンからのメッセージ ―


01. growing up ♪ 
02. a runaway kite
03. going to buy some strawberries ♪ 
04. an inherited record collection
05. finding a leaf in your girlfriend’s hair
06. an older couple holding hands ♪ 
07. checking things off of a to-do list early in the morning ♪ 
08. riding a bike down a big hill and taking your feet off of the pedals
09. the best paper airplane ever ♪ 
10. a picture of your grandparents when they were young
11. little things swimming under a microscope
12. clapping contest ♪ 
13. the kind of song you make up in your head when you are bored
14. brass practice ♪ 
15. listening to raindrops knocking on a window

total playing time: 34:44

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